SOPs COVID 19 Document

Risk Assessment Policy COVID-19 Document

Parent Information SOP COVID-19 Document


We are living in such uncertain times, and as a parent, we appreciate that you are having to make such
tough decisions lately. Making the decision to return to contact school or continuing online, is one of
those tough decisions. We can share procedures that are in place for the safe phasing in of your
children to the school environment. Please note that this is a work in progress and amendments may be made where necessary.


1. All keypads have been disabled and George will control the access gates.
2. Parents must fill out the COVID-19 indemnity health declaration form prior to returning to
school. This declaration is to state that your child or you have not been ill, been in contact with
a COVID-19 patient, have not left the province or the country during lockdown.
3. A health check is completed daily before arrival at school.
4. Upon arrival, before entering the pedestrian gate, the following protocol is followed:
a. Temperature is checked by Thandi / Noma (anyone above 37.2’ will not be permitted
b. Temperature is then recorded.
c. Hands must be sanitised, and George will sanitise under your shoes.
d. You will then be permitted entry.
5. Parents are encouraged to drop their child off at the pedestrian gate and not to come into the
school unless necessary.
6. All children must come to school with a layered cloth face mask (clearly labelled with their
name). It would also be advisable that they have a spare mask in their school bag that is kept
in a zip lock bag, in case they need to replace the mask they arrive to school with.
7. Parents are encouraged to send their child to school with a bag that is small enough to just
hold the things that they need, as this will allow us more room to space out school bags.



1. Each class will have a contactless thermometer and temperatures will be checked every two
hours (the department of health requires a minimum of 3 temperature checks in the school
day – we will be doing one on arrival, at 9am, 11am and 1pm).
2. Thandi checks all the staff temperatures every two hours and these are also recorded.
3. Should anyone’s temperature approach 37.2’ they will be placed in the isolation room and the
parents will be contacted to please collect their child. The temperature will be checked again
in 15 minutes (if the temperature has exceeded 37.5’ the child (or adult) must go their medical
practitioner, we will contact the COVID hotline and they need to be tested straight away.
4. The class in which the child or adult was in, will then all have their temperatures checked
immediately, and then 15 minutes afterward. All the parents of the class will be contacted to
collect their child, while we wait for the results from the suspected case. The entire classroom
will then be sterilised and quarantined, as will all shared spaces that the children/staff from
the class may have used.
5. NO child will be permitted at school if they are ill. We will need every parent to work with us
to ensure the health and safety of all children and staff who are on our premises.
6. Our staff will all be COVID-19 safety trained prior to commencing their duties of contact



1. The school will close until 13:00 for all classes until further notice.
Should you absolutely require aftercare, please e-mail and we will
make every effort to accommodate you.
2. No lunch will be served at school, parents must pack their children an extra ready to eat a snack.
3. Children will be encouraged to (older ones being more capable, while the younger ones will
need help), to spray the toilet seat and handle before using the toilet. Our cleaning team will
be sanitising all bathrooms every hour.
4. Hand sanitiser and disinfecting spray will be easily accessible in all classrooms and bathrooms.
5. Children will be encouraged to visit these stations constantly throughout the day.
6. As a child has finished working with a piece of equipment – the child (with the help of the
teacher), will sanitise that work before placing it back onto the shelf.
7. Children will have limited playtime to minimise contact. Playground equipment will be off-limits
until further notice.
8. The classrooms have been rearranged to ensure that the spacing of 1.5 to 2meters is
maintained. Children will unfortunately not be able to sit anywhere, they will have a space that
is assigned to them, and they will use that desk for the whole school day.
9. Playtime will be staggered throughout the day, where only one class at a time will go onto the
field for “free play” – no sharing equipment such as jungle gyms, balls, swings will be accessible
during this time.
10. Children will have snack time in staggered stages through the day – where only 2-4 can go out
at a time, spaced out at least 2 meters apart.
11. During class time, children will be encouraged to step outside for a minute to breath in fresh
air with their mask off.
12. When all the children have left the class at 13:00 – the teachers will sanitise every piece of
equipment, shelf, table, and chair in the classroom.
13. All public and shared spaces will be cleaned and sanitised in the afternoon in readiness for the
next school day.



1. Parents are again encouraged to not come into the school to collect their children. We have
installed a new phone system within the school and with the assistance of Thandi and Noma,
we will bring your child to you in the parking lot.
2. If someone else is collecting your child, you need to ensure that the school office is notified in
advance as there are strictly no visitors permitted on-premises.
3. We ask that your child is collected promptly, to allow us the time to sanitise the premises.
4. Any parent who must come into the school, will have to fill out a mini health questionnaire,
and follow the temperature and sanitisation procedures.
The online program will continue to run during this time to accommodate those children who will
not be returning to contact school but will be continuing online. Should children be ill, they will be able
to access the MS Teams platform and join the class from home. We have felt the need to continue both
platforms to accommodate the varied needs of our families. The future is very uncertain, and by
carrying the online platform through, we can ensure that our children will always have some form of
school contact.

This is a learning experience for all of us. We are all moving into the future, trying to be as prepared
as possible, but still with much to learn. We value your input. We are constantly following the news
updates to ensure that we are mindful of any changes in this pandemic. We are part of several groups
that guide independent and private schools, Montessori schools, and Cambridge schools. We have
followed the guidelines provided by the Department of Education, Department of Social
Development and Department of Health. We have adhered to the phasing in protocols given by the
National Alliance of Independent Schools of South Africa (NAISA) and the Independent Schools
Association of South Africa (ISASA).
The health and safety of our children, families, and staff is of paramount importance to us during this
time. While we understand the need for some of our families to return to school, we have made every
possible effort to ensure that this is done slowly and meticulously, considering everyone’s best
interests. We will continue to update you where necessary. Please note that nothing is set in stone,
we will make amendments and adjustments should these become necessary. Standing together, we
will all make it through this pandemic and into a brighter future.
Stay safe and keep healthy.